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    The Wise Woman by Juliet Cardin

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    The Wise Woman by Juliet Cardin  Empty The Wise Woman by Juliet Cardin

    Post by Naima Bryant on Mon Sep 13, 2010 9:53 pm

    "Fantasy lovers be prepared to be pleased by Juliet Cardin’s The Wise Woman. The book is short (just thirty-one pages) but the perfect length for an utterly charming fairy tale type read. I found the principal characters flawed enough to allow me to embrace them. The heroine is unashamedly naughty and her actions made me blush. That didn’t stop me from cheering her on though.

    The Wise Woman is loosely marketed as an historical but that’s a bit misleading. If you’re largely a history buff, the book won’t satisfy. If you’re a fan of books that (should) start with Once Upon A Time, The Wise Woman is a quick, satisfying read. The ending’s just terrific and I liked the characters even more after I’d read the last page.

    Well done, Ms. Cardin!"
    --Eve, Review at Ebook Addict

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