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    Loving Lydia by Berengaria Brown

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    Loving Lydia by Berengaria Brown Empty Loving Lydia by Berengaria Brown

    Post by Naima Bryant on Sun Sep 26, 2010 10:18 pm

    "My first foray into the female/female genre was not disagreeable. I enjoyed how both Lydia and Tammy had different personalities that were surprisingly well established given the short length of this story. There are some long “getting to know you” type monologues that seem out of place in this short story, but these do play a necessary role in understanding the characters. I just wish they were more like a discussion instead of an information drop.

    Loving Lydia is pretty good. The main characters are likable and realistic. Also, the setting is so completely normal; the reader could believe this story actually happened. If you’re new to female/female stories as I was, you may try picking up this short to give a taste of the genre." BookingIt Grade: B
    --Katie, BookingIt Reviews

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