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    Harley Afternoon Delight by Molly Diamond

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    Harley Afternoon Delight by Molly Diamond Empty Harley Afternoon Delight by Molly Diamond

    Post by Naima Bryant on Wed Sep 29, 2010 8:25 pm

    "Holy bejeezus, this mini short story is smokin’! Since the story is so short, there isn’t much character development, but the reader can draw a few conclusions such as Carla had been playing with her neighbor by mowing the grass in a bikini in the first place. Then, she decided to make the first move and does so aggressively. Also, it is nice that Carla and Sherman have known each other for six months, keeping the story out of the gratuitous, trashy sex category and instead the reader is watching the beginning of a relationship.

    For those that enjoy a hot bedtime story and who have a thing for motorcycles, definitely pick up this short!" BookingIt Grade: A-
    --Katie, BookingIt

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